24 Hours in Paris

24 Hours in Paris: How to See Paris in a Day

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What can you do in 24 hours in Paris? Maybe you have a long layover, you inadvertently got routed to the city of romance, or you are planning a quick stop on your way somewhere else. Whatever the reason, covering Paris in a day is totally doable!

Tour boat going down the Seine River in Paris.

How Do I See Paris in 24 Hours?

While we would all love to spend several days exploring (like we did during our trip to Paris with kids), you can certainly see Paris in one day. This 24 hours in Paris itinerary will tell you the best places to go and how to easily get there.

Exit Charles De Gualle and Grab a Taxi [1.5 hours]

If you’re landing at Charles De Gaulle Airport [CDG], allow yourself plenty of time to get through customs and out to the taxis.  CDG is one of the largest, busiest, and most chaotic airports on this planet so allow plenty of time there. 

The airport is also located on the outskirts of the city so keep that in mind.  Once you’re able to grab a taxi, allot about an hour to get to your first stop.

Eiffel Tower [2-3 hours]

This is probably a no-brainer but spending a day in Paris MUST include a stop at the Eiffel Tower. 

Have the cab drop you off at Trocadero Square just across the bridge.  From there, not only will you have magnificent views of the tower but it is the perfect photo opp!

After you’re done getting pics for the Gram, take the scenic route across the plaza, over the Siene, and scale the tower. 

Book your tickets to the top of the tower in advance.  There are a surprising amount of restaurants and shops inside the tower so add an extra hour or if you plan to shop and/or dine.

Champs Elysees [1 hour]

If you’re up for the walk, take the 30-minute [1.5-mile] walk to Champs Elysees.  Stroll down the luxurious street, ogle Louis Vuitton purses, grab lunch at Five Guys [who doesn’t want an American burger in Paris?], then get some macarons and hot chocolate from the iconic Laduree.

Arc de Triomphe [30 minutes]

End your leisurely stroll at the Arc de Triomphe which is right at the end of the street.  Take some gorgeous shots and then hail a taxi for your next stop.

Notre Dame [10 minutes]

This one is a bit of a cheat because we’re not going to get out of the car.  Ask your taxi driver to please route you past the Notre Dame on the way to your next stop.

Note: It will be a while before they finish reconstructing this majestic church after the fire in 2019. The cathedral’s parvis is currently accessible to the public, with the full cathedral expected to be open again in 2024. Once open, if you’d like to see the interior, just add more time to this stop and take some away elsewhere.

The Louvre [30 minutes]

If you’re only able to visit Paris for a day, you won’t have enough time to tour this gorgeous monstrosity. But do make a stop to explore the grounds and take a picture grabbing the top of the pyramid.  You know the picture I’m talking about!

Tuileries Garden [45 minutes]

Pop over next door and check out the Tuileries Garden.  Sit by the lake, enjoy the scenery and watch the locals.  Then get ready for your next destination.

Le Palais Royal [2-4 hours]

Take a brisk 10-minute walk [0.6 miles] from Tuileries Garden to Le Palais Royal.  There is plenty to see and learn here but if you’re doing Paris in 24 hours, you’ll have to make it fast. 

Save time for a swank Parisian dinner at the Restaurant Du Palais Royal before heading to your final stop for the day.

Eiffel Tower at Night [1 hour]

Now that you’re tired and full, it’s time to catch a taxi back to the Eiffel Tower to see the twinkling lights.  Perfect end cap to a picture-perfect day in Paris.

Eiffel Tower at night.

Where to Stay for 24 Hours in Paris

Now that you have some good ideas for how to spend one day in Paris, I’ve got recommendations for where to stay in Paris, too!

If You Have An Early Departure

Stay near Charles De Gaulle Airport if you are leaving Paris early in the morning.  It will save you a lot of inconvenience when trying to catch your departing flight after 24 hours in Paris.

Some good options near the airport are:

If You Have a Later Departure

Stay within the city limits if your flight is later in the day.  This will give you a place to stop off for a nap in the middle of the day if you are jet-lagged.  It’ll also afford you more time and the opportunity to see the sights. 

Consider the following lodging options:

Is one day enough for Paris? I think it is absolutely do-able, worth it, and dare I say FUN? Have you done 24 hours in Paris? 

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