Hi there!! [internet wave]  We’re the Spring Break Family – a normal, busy, working family of four that happens to be wonderfully blended and also happens to love travel.



Have you heard of the term “just 18 summers”?  It refers to the limited amount of time you get with your kids before they grow and venture into other things. We apply that philosophy to our kids except we utilize spring break- hence the name 🙂. Every spring break we take our kids – affectionately referred to as “the girls” – on a week-long trip where we learn, grow, and experience new things together.  Time, even when it is well spent, can sometimes feel so finite.  This page, this little slice of Internet heaven, is where we journal what we do to make the most of it all.




Montoya [Monty]

I’m the main contributor to this site [although you will occasionally see posts from the girls too], the matriarch of our madness, the regulator of our recreation, the generator of our games, and [obviously] a huge fan of alliteration.


My background is in information technology [I have both a bachelor’s and a master’s in Information Technology Management] but I love to travel.  Prior to meeting and marrying Phil, I was a single mother to the youngest of our family bunch.  We’ve been traveling together since she was a few weeks old so single parent travel is also near and dear to my heart.

I’m a wife|mom|working professional so you’ll also find information on momcations, budgeting, and life beyond the suitcase here too.

In addition to all the information I share here, you can find my writing on other sites as well like Trivago Magazine and Houston Mom’s Blog.


Phil [Daddy Deluxe]

Phillip is the family’s knight in shining armor and the girls’ favorite parent.  While he initially wasn’t hip to the travel game, he’s finally come to his senses and is a self-proclaimed travel king.  You can usually find him alternating between being our personal bodyguard and our videographer during our travels.



The Girls [Princess, 11 & Bug, 8]

Our girls are polar opposites in terms of personality but that is what makes them such a dynamic duo.  Our oldest, Princess, is 11 [going on 30] and is the smartest kid I know.  She loves reading, dancing, and is already showing an aptitude towards travel planning.  Princess’s calm demeanor and sweet charm help balance out the wild daredevil that is our 8 year old, Bug.


Bug is up for any adventure – no matter how scary – and is just a ball of sunshine.  She’s the walking definition of “small but mighty.”  She loves singing, art, and dancing like no one’s watching.


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Glad to have you along for the journey and welcome to the family!


The Spring Break Family