Best Fast Passes at Magic Kingdom
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5 of the Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom

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This article highlights 5 of the best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom and the best rides to FastPass at Magic Kingdom.

Is it just me, or is half the fun of a Walt Disney World vacation simply planning for a Walt Disney World vacation? In fact, it is not uncommon to find Disney-fanatics strategizing their next trip over a year or two (or three) in advance. Yet, no matter how much preparation one may put into their upcoming visit to the most magical place on earth, the single most important thing is (drum roll please) nabbing the right Fastpasses!

Securing the best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom is one of the 6 Essential Disney World Tips for First Timers.  But whether you’re planning your first time or your 100th, it is important to know the best rides to FastPass at Magic Kingdom.  If you get the right ones, it will help maximize your time in the parks by severely decreasing the time you will spend standing in line. With over fifty rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom and only three Fastpasses allotted per park ticket, you must choose wisely.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  In this article, we will identify five of the best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom!

Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom

Climb onto a rustic swingin’ mine train and take a ride inside an age-old mountain, cascading over an endless sea of diamonds. Established in 2014, this instant classic redefined coaster coaches and boasts a fresh new take on audio-animatronic technology, making it the holy grail of Magic Kingdom Fastpasses.

Featuring countless hairpin turns, all seven of Snow White’s whistling confidants, and one unforgettable view of Fantasyland, this family-friendly attraction is undoubtedly one of Walt Disney World’s most popular attractions.

Heck, it even has the reputation of a 180-minute wait time to prove it! That is why this is one of the best rides to FastPass at Magic Kingdom.

  • Typical Wait Time: 90 minutes – 180 minute
  • Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom Tip: Even with a FastPass, wait times for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train can be a bit arduous during peak seasons. Do your best to nab a FastPass for early in the day, preferably within the first hour of the park opening. If not, you just may have to whistle while you wait.


Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom – Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight, Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom

Nostalgia takes center stage with this captivating Magic Kingdom dark ride. Get ready to set sail across the sky in your own private pirate ship with the one and only Peter Pan. Let your imagination soar and away we go! Release your inner child as you venture off into Never Land and swoop through Pirate’s Cove! Just be sure to stay on high alert for that tick-tocking crocodile.

A crowd-pleaser for all ages, this beloved attraction has no height requirement, making it a perfect selection for the entire family  [Check out these 23 of the Best Rides at Disney World for Toddlers]. While it may take a little more than faith, trust, and pixie-dust to land it, Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the best rides to Fast Pass at Magic Kingdom.  Bonus: it comes with a lifetime to happy thoughts and unforgettable memories.

  • Typical Wait Time: 60 minutes – 180 minutes
  • Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom Tip: Both Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight reside in Fantasyland. To help eliminate extra unwarranted foot traffic under the Florida sun, try to book both of these highly sought after Fastpasses in a row.

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Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom – Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain, Frontierland in Magic Kingdom

If you’re looking a Zip-a-dee-doo-dah good time, you’re in luck. Glide on through a vibrant Southern swamp alongside your pal, Br’er Rabbit. You won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling as you drift by countless furry-n-fun-loving furry Audio-Animatronics, as they sing, dance, and cheer along to a medley of memorable Disney tunes.

Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom - Splash Mountain

But don’t get too cozy — this delightful melodious pageant contains a multi-story surprise ending with a splash! This is one of the best fast passes for Magic Kingdom.  While we think this aptly named flume ride is worth every minute of its typical hare-raising wait, we suggest you skip all the standing around and get going down the bayou, where everything is “satisfactual”.

  • Typical Wait Time: 90 minutes – 120 minutes
  • Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom Tip: Splash Mountain is the perfect midday refresher from the hot summer sun. If you’re looking for a welcomed respite, Br’er Rabbit would be delighted to lead the way! Just be sure to book this FastPass when the sun is high in the sky, leaving you with plenty of time to dry off!


Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Frontierland in Magic Kingdom

Long before Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, there was a rickety-roaring escapade known as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. One minute you’re trotting down Frontierland, admiring the mountain’s peaks, and the next, you’ve gone and stumbled your way into the wildest ride in the wilderness! Prepare to escape, evade, and elude exploding TNT and plummeting rocks as you whip around wicked spirals, plunge into gargantuan gorges and scurry through the maniacally menacing ghost town know to passerby as… T-u-m-b-l-e-w-e-e-d. Sound too fun to miss? You betcha! That’s why it’s one of the best rides to FastPass at Magic Kingdom.

  • Typical Wait Time: 60 minutes – 90 minutes
  • Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom Tip:  If you snag a FastPass for Splash Mountain, try to pick-up one for Big Thunder Mountain as well. You just may be lucky enough to ride these two Frontierland favorites back to back. Or pay a friendly visit to The Country Bear Jamboree between attractions. After all, they’re only a few paw-prints away!


Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom – Space Mountain

Space Mountain, Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom

Word around the galaxy is that Space Mountain is absolutely out of this world! That is if zipping through the great ibis in a rocket sounds like your kind of time.

This highspeed themed coaster has been blasting guests through the great unknown since 1975, garnering a reputation for being Magic Kingdom’s most thrilling voyage. Even with over four decades of orbiting around Tomorrowland, Space Mountain still manages to consistently draw a crowd, even in the lightest park seasons.  That is why it is one of the best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom.

Best Rides to FastPass at Magic Kingdom - Space Mountain

Now, it is true that if you rope drop Magic Kingdom, there is a good chance that you will get on Space Mountain within 10 – 15 minutes, provided you prioritized your attractions correctly. However, should you choose to wait it out and/or don’t have FastPass, you can expect to spend upwards of ninety minutes waiting in line! You’d have to be an astronut [see what I did there?] to waste that kind of time!

  • Typical Wait Time: 60 minutes – 90 minutes
  • Best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom Tip: A little heads up for you thrillseekers out there! Upon boarding Space Mountain, the rider lines split into two sections, left side and right side. Each side has its own coaster track. While it may be a bit of a fun fan urban myth, many space-dwellers suggest that the left side is a bit faster.


And there you have it – 5 of the best Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom! Which of these best rides to FastPass at Magic Kingdom made it onto your list?

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