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Top 12 Must See Drive Through Safaris in Texas

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Looking for a drive through safari in Texas? Or want to know all the dive through safaris in Texas?

This might come as a surprise but you can experience an African safari right here in the great state of Texas!  Granted, very little tops seeing these majestic creatures in their homeland but if you’re looking for a Texan substitute, we’ve got a list of all the places you can find a drive through safari in Texas.

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Before heading out on your adventure to explore drive through safaris in Texas, please call to verify operating hours, animal availability, and all the other fun details!

Drive Through Safaris in Texas

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, San Antonio

Explore 450 acres of Texas Hill Country during this 1.5 hour Texas drive through safari featuring animals from all over the world.  Each car is provided a bag of animal feed with the cost of admission.  The animals in the ranch will come to your vehicle to eat and allow you an up close view of their beauty. You will see buffalos, zebras, and ostriches during your adventure.

Visitors can even explore the wildlife ranch on foot. You can relax at the on-site cafe and visit the lemur habitat and the giraffe center. Finish off your day by stopping at the gift shop for a nice souvenir of your day.

Aggieland Safari, Bryan

Want to visit a “traditional” zoo and experience a drive through safari in Texas all at the same time?  Aggieland Safari in Bryan is the place to be!  Admission includes entrance to their 250+ acre drive-thru safari.  For a small additional fee, you can receive a bucket of feed to share with the over 100 animals that call Aggieland Safari home.  Experience a personal visit from each of the animals on the safari without ever having to leave your car.

But the fun at Aggieland Safari doesn’t stop there!  Admission to their Adventure Zoo is included as well.  This 20-acre area is meant to be explored on foot but still provides the opportunity for up-close experiences.  Want to feed a giraffe?  You can do that here.  Want to feed a tortoise?  You can do that too.  There’s also a bird aviary, a camel trek, a petting zoo, a kid-friendly playscape, a covered pavilion, and a gift shop!

Rocky Ridge Drive Thru Safari, Eustace

Enjoy a 1 hour drive through a safari right in the heart of Texas with a visit to Rocky Ridge Drive Thru Safari. View the park from the comfort of your own vehicle while traveling through this 200 acre wild animal refuge. The park features over 25 species of animals from all over the world.

Texas Drive through safari - Red ruffed lemur

With animals like buffalo, llamas, zebras, and even gazelles, this drive through safari in Texas is the perfect afternoon activity with family!

Franklin Drive Thru Safari, Franklin

Your entire family will have fun playing, feeding, and interacting with animals from across the globe at this drive through safari in Texas. Franklin Drive Thru Safari has over 100 acres filled with more than 1,000 animals. The petting zoo is amazing with new animals consistently being adopted. As you drive through the safari, you will see over fifty different species of animals meandering around the ranch.

Franklin Drive Thru Safari even has a ten-acre area for walking. There’s so much to do: visit baby giraffes, camels, anteaters, or kangaroos; purchase a cup of peanuts and make friends with the park monkeys;  take a private tour with the trained staff; visit the adorable baby room to play with exotic babies animals like coatimundis and lemurs, or explore in your car to feed camels and zebras right from your vehicle.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is one of the largest drive through safaris in Texas.  The ranch consists of over 1,800 acres and features nearly fifty different species among the 1,100 animals on the property. You can spend hours driving through the park looking at all of the different animals.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!  You can go on a bike tour or even a murder mystery tour.  Fossil Rim Wildlife Center also has photo workshops, an on-site cafe, and overnight lodging [bunkhouses, anyone?].

In addition to being a drive through safari in Texas, they are also the biggest cheetah breeding facility in the world.  Between eighteen and twenty cubs are raised here every year.  Many endangered species, such as the scimitar-horned oryx, have also been reintroduced to the wild thanks to the efforts of the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  They are truly a drive through safari dedicated to the well-being and conservation of their animals!

Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari, Jacksonville

Visit this 5-mile drive through Texas safari to see Rupert the camel and Minnie the yak. Your two-hour drive includes a free feed bag, 300 acres, 35 species, and 700 animals. Make friends with capybaras, zebras, alpacas, bison, and more as they approach your vehicle.

There is also a fenced-off enclosure with six alligators you can feed. The variety of wildlife present at Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari is simply amazing.

There is an open habitat with two dozen endangered and exotic species and open savannahs. Drive along the different roads to spot an African longhorn cow, an Indian antelope walking across a lush field, or a mother and her calf grazing by the pond. You and your family will make great memories feeding, photographing, and observing these gorgeous creatures.

Grapeland Safari, Grapeland

The Grapeland Safari offers 59 acres and 25 different species. Grab a bucket of feed, drive through this Texas safari, and enjoy these amazing creatures. Your kids will love the petting zoo. They can visit numerous animals including zebras, axis deer, emus, and yaks. Bring your grill and spend some quality time together enjoying a cookout in the picnic area.

The guests of honor at the Grapeland Safari are their camels.  They feature two different types of camels: Dromedary and Bactrian.  Each has its unique features [one hump or two?] and both types at Grapeland Safari are a hit with visitors due to their incredibly friendly nature.

Exotic Resort Zoo, Johnson City

Instead of driving through this Texas safari, you can relax and enjoy all 127 acres from the comfort of a tram. You will learn about the forty different species and 600 animals including the kissing camel [named Gomar], ostriches, and blackbucks.

There are endangered and exotic animals too. You can feed the friendly animals right out of your own feed bucket. Your family will laugh as thirty or forty animals surround your tram hoping for tidbits.

After your tour, visit the two petting zoos, the fishing pond where you can catch and release the fish or spend the night in a cabin and enjoy a roaring campfire. Visit the charming gift shop for a memorable souvenir, the private penned areas, and the caged enclosures. The tour guides will ensure you know a lot more about the animals when you leave than when you arrived.

Lonesome Dove Drive-Thru Safari, Jefferson

The Lonesome Dove Drive-Thru Safari is home to over eighty animals. During your visit, you’ll enjoy wildebeests, camels, donkeys, red deer, bison, and more. The animals roam freely around the 65 acres. Follow the signs to drive to the exotic animals while seeing zebras and fallow deer along the way. 

Your entire family will enjoy the field filled with braying donkeys.  There’s a really good chance that the more social animals will approach your car to say hi!

If you want to get even closer to the animals, visit their on-site petting zoo.  Be sure to stop by their office to purchase buckets of food to share with the animals.  While you’re there, pick up a branded t-shirt and a souvenir to take home! You can take incredible photographs and visit the petting zoo.

North Texas Safari Park, Bonham

If you want to view exotic and endangered species from the comfort of your car, then North Texas Safari Park is the best drive through safari in Texas for you! Located about an hour north of Dallas, this drive through safari in Texas has all sorts of animals.

Experience more of the animals by partaking in their optional activities like feeding the giraffes, exploring their exhibit dedicated to Australian animals, petting animals in the petting zoo and more!

Busy B Ranch Wildlife Park, Jefferson

See exotic animals in their natural setting right in the middle of East Texas at this drive through safari.  Busy B Ranch Wildlife Park consists of 125 free-range safari acres. Drive the 3 mile loop in the comfort of your own vehicle while you see the animals naturally and up close.

With over 20 years of experience caring for exotic animals, this ranch works hard to ensure the wonders of the animal world are well preserved. Make sure you bring a camera to capture the incredible animals and bring home unforgettable souvenirs!

Buena Vista Wildlife Safari and RV Park, Evant

This drive through safari in Texas is a little different than others.  The entire safari is housed inside of a RV park. Their goal is to not only provide amazing animals for your viewing pleasure but to provide an overall family adventure – an economical one at that!

With over 23 animal species from 10 different countries, there are plenty of animals to see!

Have you visited a drive through safari in Texas?  Leave a comment below!

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