Elephant Sanctuary Texas: Two Unique Experiences

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This is a guide with everything you need to know about elephant sanctuary Texas.

There are so many reasons to love elephants. They’re tall, intelligent, loveable creatures with a certain air of majesty to them. Seeing some up and close and personal is on most people’s travel bucket list for that exact reason.

You may think you’d have to travel to Thailand in order to accomplish this but you’re in luck! There are elephant sanctuaries in Texas where you can be one with the animals!

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

Options for Visiting An Elephant Sanctuary Texas

When thinking of these beautiful creatures, elephant sanctuary Texas might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But turns out there are two elephant sanctuaries here in Texas that are open to the public.

Please note that we don’t typically advertise or market animal tourism. But an elephant sanctuary Texas is a unique opportunity worth sharing with our readers.

Both are great options for an elephant sanctuary in Texas but let’s dive into the specifics of each.

Elephant Sanctuary in Texas

The Preserve in Texas

The Preserve in Texas is located in Fredericksburg, TX. This elephant sanctuary in Texas is about 80 miles west of Austin and 70 miles north of San Antonio and is owned by the Hill Country Elephant Preserve. 

The non-profit organization’s mission is “To preserve all animals by building awareness through contact and education in partnership with our animal ambassadors.”  Who are those animal ambassadors?  Five beautiful Asian elephants who would otherwise be without a home.  Sadly, only 35,000 Asian elephants are left in the wild which makes the Preserve’s mission ever important.

The Preserve in Texas: What Is the Experience Like?

Each experience at The Preserve in Texas is approximately 1.5 hours. You’ll help give the elephants a bath and a pedicure during your visit. It is a hands-on experience that furthers their mission of “Contact cultivates caring which encourages conservation.”  You’ll also learn more about these beautiful animals and gain a better idea of why the Preserve’s mission is so great and why this elephant sanctuary in Texas is worthwhile.

The Preserve in Texas: How Much Does It Cost?

Admission to The Preserve in Fredericksburg is extremely limited and requires a ticket.  Spots fill up fast and you might have to get your ticket a month [or more] in advance.   Visiting this elephant sanctuary in Texas does not come cheap; prices seem to fluctuate so please check their website for up to date pricing. 

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

Get more information and book your ticket at The Preserve’s website.

East Texas Elephant Experience

The East Texas Elephant Experience is another elephant sanctuary Texas option. It is located near Conroe, TX close to Houston, and has been a family-owned business since 1980. Proceeds from their services are donated to non-profits worldwide to help further the conservation of the elephant population.

They are the only elephant sanctuary in Texas that features African elephants. Their crew is made up of three female elephants that have been in their family since the 1990s. But it doesn’t stop there! This elephant sanctuary Texas also has other furry friends like camels and a zebra.

The Preserve in Texas: What Is the Experience Like?

The East Texas Elephant Experience visit lasts 1.5 hours and is both entertaining and educational. Not only will you get the chance to have a personal encounter with the elephants but you will also learn about their care and the challenges their population is facing in Africa.

The East Texas Elephant Experience: How Much Does it Cost?

Like most of these unique experiences, the price of this elephant sanctuary Texas can vary. They are also incredibly popular and events book up months in advance. Check their current pricing and availability on their website.

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Have you been to an elephant sanctuary in Texas?

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