One of a Kind Trip: An Elephant Sanctuary in Texas

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Traveling to Thailand, seeing Asian elephants in their natural habitat, and helping to care for the majestic creatures is probably on everyone’s travel bucket list.  Heck, it is definitely on mine!  But did you know you could make that dream come true at an elephant sanctuary right here in Texas?


Elephant Sanctuary Texas


Where is the Elephant Preserve in Texas?

The Preserve is located in Fredericksburg, TX — about 80 miles west of Austin and 70 miles north of San Antonio.  It is the only elephant sanctuary in Texas and is owned by Hill Country Elephant Preserve.  This non-profit organization’s mission is “To preserve all animals by building awareness through contact and education in partnership with our animal ambassadors.”  Who are those animal ambassadors?  5 beautiful Asian elephants [named Tai, Dixie, Kitty, Rosie, and Becky] who would otherwise be without a home.  Sadly, there are only 35,000 Asian elephants left in the wild, making the Preserve’s mission ever important.


How Much Does It Cost?

Admission to The Preserve in Fredericksburg is very limited and requires a ticket.  Spots fill up fast and you might have to get your ticket a month [or more] in advance.   Visiting this elephant sanctuary in Texas does not come cheap; prices seem to fluctuate so please check their website for up to date pricing.  They also offer a discount for kids too.  And trust me, you will want to bring the kiddos!  The Preserve works hard to make sure the visit is great for kids and adults alike.


What Do You Do there?

Each experience comes with a 1.5 hour experience at The Preserve in Fredericksburg where you can help give the elephants a bath and a pedicure. It is a hands-on experience that furthers their mission of “Contact cultivates caring which encourages conservation.”  You’ll also learn more about these beautiful animals and gain a better idea of why the Preserve’s mission is so great.


Elephant Sanctuary Texas

Get more information and book your ticket at The Preserve’s website.

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