The Best Facebook Travel Groups On the Internet

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This is a reference guide for the best Facebook travel groups.

Even before I started blogging, Facebook travel groups were a great source of information for my travels.  Over time, some have stood out to me more than others either because they were extremely helpful or they have a strong community feel.  If you haven’t had a chance to deep dive into Facebook travel groups or you aren’t sure which are the best, I’ve got you covered!  I am an active member in all of the Facebook travel groups listed here and absolutely love them.  So without further adieu, here are the best Facebook travel groups.

What Are Facebook Travel Groups

A Facebook travel group is a group on Facebook that is dedicated to all things travel.  Some of them use special niches like family travel, travel to a specific region, travel for specific genders, etc.  Regardless of their niche, you’ll find a group of people all interested in that particular topic.

Why Join Facebook Travel Groups

The goal of these Facebook travel groups is to provide information that other travelers might find helpful.  Think of them as an easy [and free] way to crowdsource information for your trip.

I love Facebook travel groups because if you find the right one, the members can usually provide a level of insight you wouldn’t find through a general Google search.  For example, I shared my post about things to do in Orlando besides theme parks in one of my favorite Facebook travel groups.  A local responded with an attraction I hadn’t heard of which I was able to add to the list.

Also, on a personal level, sometimes it is just nice to commiserate with other people attempting this travel life too.  Missed your connecting flight?  Came down with massive diarrhea at the tail end of your trip?  Lost your passport in the deserts of Morroco?  Chances are someone else in a Facebook travel group has experienced the same thing.  They can offer their support and usually provide resolutions that worked for them.

Best Facebook Travel Groups for Solo Moms

Solo Mom Travel

Whether you’re a single mom or just a mom that travels solo with your kids, Solo Mom Travel is the Facebook travel group for you. Participants crowdsource everything from trip ideas to travel tips. Connect with other like-minded solo moms in this wonderful group.

Best Facebook Travel Groups for Families

9 to 5 Travel

Facebook Travel Groups - 9 to 5 Travel

I couldn’t write this post about Facebook travel groups without including our own.  9 to 5 Family Travel group is dedicated to the average working family that wants to balance their careers and traveling with their children.  We share everything from school calendars to budget to tips/tricks to maximize your PTO.

Wandering Moms

Wandering Moms is hands down one of my favorite Facebook travel groups.  As the title suggests, the group is for moms that travel with their kids.  If you are a fellow travel family, you can find most of what you need here: itineraries, tips, and advice.  The owners of the groups also coordinate group travels [some with kids and some without] that you can sign up for.

Black Kids Do Travel

Black Kids Do Travel is another one of my favorite Facebook travel groups.  With over 22,000 members, this group is packed with helpful information and travel inspiration.  It is run by the fabulous Karen Akpan of The Mom Trotter who regularly contributes helpful tips as well.   This is a must join Facebook travel group.

MOMs (Girls Love Travel)

This Facebook travel group is dedicated to moms that want to travel with their kids.  This group is actually a subsidiary of Girls Love Travel, a large Facebook group designed for women that travel.  It is heavily moderated with many group administrators.  Posts can take some time to be approved and any topics deemed as unhelpful are denied.  Comments are also moderated and removed if offensive or against group rules.  The heavy overhead is helpful though because it guarantees an on-topic, clean, productive Facebook travel group.

Tiny Globetrotters: Travel the World With Kids

Tiny Globetrotters is highly interactive and one of the best Facebook travel groups out there.  What I like the most about this group is that the members are from all over the world.  Many groups can be very centric on the United States but not this one!  It is global so you really get a variety of posts, questions, and ideas.

Best Facebook Travel Group for Women

Girls Love Travel

This Facebook travel group has over 1 million members but somehow manages to maintain a small community feeling.  With that many members, it is heavily moderated out of necessity; posts can take days to approve and any threads that go awry are closed almost immediately.  However, I’ve learned of new destinations, given and received help, and online connected with some awesome ladies in this group.  Plus, they also plan group trips led by the group founder Haley Woods. This, by far, is one of the best Facebook travel groups on the web.

Curvy Girls Travel Guide

The Internet needs all the body positivity it can get – especially in the travel space.  That’s why The Curvy Girls Travel Guide is one of my favorite Facebook travel groups.  It provides a safe space for those that identify as women to connect and collaborate whether it be about plus-sized travel or just travel in general.

Best Facebook Travel Group for African-Americans

Black Travel Movement

Despite some drama surrounding coordinated trips, Black Travel Movement remains one of my preferred Facebook travel groups.  There are over 400,000 highly engaged people in the group and it stays busy with posts every day.  The admins require that every post be informational so you are bound to learn a lot about travel in this group.

African American Travelers

African American Travelers actually has roots as a travel planning company.  Their customers asked them to expand into forming a real community so African American Travelers Facebook travel group was born.  The group was created for folks to connect, share and inspire and it does just that.

Black World Travelers

There are many Facebook travel groups designated for African-American travelers. What makes Black World Travelers stand out is that they specifically state that they are “strictly for the classy Black professional traveler.”  Photography, recent travel news, and more are shared here.

Best Misc Facebook Travel Group

Road to 100 Countries

Don’t want a specific niche? Just want to learn about all things travel regardless of your family status, gender, or race?  Then Road to 100 Countries is the Facebook travel group for you!  There’s a little bit of family travel, a little bit of solo travel, a little bit of award travel — there’s a little bit of everything.

Award Travel 101

Facebook Travel Groups - Award Travel 101

I’m the first to admit that I struggle with traveling on points [check here to see how we budget for our trips and here to see how we afford to travel].  However, we’ve made big strides in accumulating miles and points and learning how to properly redeem them by being a member of Award Travel 101.  This Facebook travel group is filled with gurus that will help you get the most out of your award travel.

What are your favorite Facebook travel groups?

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