Flytographer Review: The Ultimate Travel Souvenir

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This is a Flytographer review of our session with Olga in Paris.

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Spoiler alert: Our Flytographer review is all positive!

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After several sessions with the awesome Flytographer, we are now pros at this family travel photo thing.  I mean, just look at these beauties!


Flytographer Olga Paris

Flytographer Olga Paris


Flytographer Olga Paris


In the words of everyone’s favorite Canadian Drake: started from the bottom now we here!  But let’s rewind a bit and talk about how this Flytographer review came to be.


How This Flytographer Review Came to Be

It all started with this picture:



This is me, Phil, and two of our girls from years ago — before we married; before we were even engaged.  And prior to last year, it was also the only picture we had as a family. [insert sad face here]

Well, unless you count this one:

You shouldn’t :)

So when we booked our first Spring Break Family trip to Paris, we were determined to do better.  The last thing we wanted to do was return from our first trip overseas and only have the pictures we took of the kids or monuments.  And while I consider myself the queen of selfies, it just wouldn’t do for this trip.  The Internet never fails — it led us to Flytographer and helped us generate this Flytographer review.


Why We Chose Flytographer

Flytographer is a company based in Canada that can connect you to photographers in hundreds of locations around the world. Some of the more popular tourist destinations like Rome, Paris, London, Venice, and Bali are covered.  But they even cover some areas that are a little off the beaten path like Cluj-Napoca, San Miguel de Allende, or Yangon.

They also hand-select their network of over 400 photographers to provide the best options for their customers.  Flytographer reviews all their photographers and each one is carefully vetted by the company.  Each photographer has a different style so as to appeal to every part of Flytographer’s customer base.

Most importantly, Flytographer’s prioritization of quality means that you will get the same high level of service and high-quality output no matter which location or photographer you select!  As a family traveling with young kids regularly, we value consistency, and Flytographer more than fits the bill!

[Bonus: the company was founded by a female CEO who happens to be awesome and happens to also be a mom.  Standing ovation for mom bosses!]


How Flytographer Works

What I like most about Flytographer is that they offer many photographers per city with different backgrounds and photography styles.  Your options are listed — before you book — with an “about me” and galleries of all their work.  The way they present the information lets you get a feel for the photographer and who you think will mesh well with you and your family.

No worries if you still have trouble selecting!  Upon booking, you are also assigned a Flytographer concierge!  They help coordinate all the details of your shoot and act as the go-between for you and the photographer.  It seriously feels like one-on-one, personalized service.


You are also given the opportunity to list your requested specifics for the shoot: time restrictions, photo route, preferred style, shoot goals, desired mood, etc.  Again, no worries if you aren’t sure about these details.  Ask your concierge!  Together with your photographer, they can piece together these details for you.



Our Flytographer Review

For our Flytographer session in Paris, we booked with Olga.  She was GREAT!  We were 15 minutes late for our 30 minute shoot.  Awful, I know.  [Tip: no matter what the Internet tells you, don’t use Uber in Paris.  Just get a taxi.]  She waited patiently for us, was super understanding, and greeted us with a smile.  She asked if we wanted to get what we could in 15 minutes or pay a $50 fee to get our 15 minutes added back on.  We gladly paid the fee [it is added on to your invoice and paid directly to Flytographer prior to receiving your photos] and oh what a delightful 30 minutes it was.

I’m super self-conscious about taking pictures and so is Phil.  However, Olga arranged, rearranged, and posed us with such grace that we found ourselves enjoying the shoot.  So much so, that we didn’t want it to end.  When it was over, the girls hugged Olga, took a picture with her, and asked if she could come with us for crepes.  It’s safe to say Olga is our new best friend.



Our Post-Session Flytographer Experience

Four days after our photo session, we received a sneak peek from Flytographer with one of our group photos.  It was fashioned like a postcard and included the city, the year, and Flytographer‘s stamp in the corner. We, of course, immediately shared it with friends, family [and social media :)]!


Two days after that [six days after the original shoot], we received the full gallery of pictures.  Not bad turnaround time, right?  Our concierge also followed up to make sure we were satisfied.  Wonderful experience through and through!

We have been featured three times on Flytographer‘s website.  You can view those features:

Our new travel essentials list: flights, lodging, and Flytographer!

We are officially booked for our next Spring Break Family trip and we can hardly wait!


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Have you used Flytographer or another photo booking service for your vacations?  Share your Flytographer review in the comments below!

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