• Do you travel with extended family?

Absolutely!  We often travel with both friends and family.  Our love of travel is contagious and they travel with us as their schedules allow.


  • What do you guys do for a living?

We, like most families, are traditional 9-5’ers.   The recent transition to remote work and flexible work hours has benefitted us both and made more time for what we love.  However, we still ration our PTO [paid time off] carefully to maximize the time available for our excursions.


  • How do you afford this?/Are you rich?

Depends on who you ask. If you ask my imagination? Absolutely! Oprah & P. Diddy level type stuff.  If you ask our bank account? Then no, not at all :)  We travel with our kids by budgeting and being careful with the choices we make. You can read more about our jobs, our financial travel practices, and such here: How To Afford Travel On Any Budget.

  • What are your kids’ names and ages?

We try to afford our kids a little bit of Internet anonymity so that they can decide later how much of their lives they really want to share with the web.  We rarely [if ever] use their names on our content and instead use their family nicknames.  Our oldest daughter Princess is 12 and our youngest daughter Bug is 10.

  • Why spring break?

Many reasons!

  1. We don’t want to interrupt the girls’ school schedules and they are out of school for an entire week.  Read here about why we chose traditional schooling over world schooling.
  2. Spring, in most places, is considered off-season so it is more economical for our family of 4 to travel.
  3. The weather is milder than it is in the summer.
  • Why don’t you travel full-time?

The short answer is that our lives aren’t built for it.  A longer, more detailed answer is available here.

  • Why do this at all? Why travel with your kids?

There are many [MANY] studies on the benefits of travel for kids. But honestly, our main motivation to do this is the time we get to spend together as a family.  Let’s be real.  Parenting can feel so wrapped in the details and daily activities that you look up and your infant is in middle school.  That 18 years of kiddom goes so fast!  While we spend as much time together as we can throughout the year, spring break is our guaranteed time together as a unit without work, school, visitation schedules, or other variants of life interrupting.

Still have questions?  E-mail us at thespringbreakfamily@gmail.com.  Our inbox is always open to you!