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Top 18 Fun Things to Do in St John USVI: Activities for Adults, Kids, and More

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The US Virgin Islands is a paradise for residents and visitors alike. The sun, the sand, the sea – it’s no wonder that people flock to these islands for their vacation time year after year. 

One of the most popular destinations is St John USVI which offers breathtaking views and some of the best snorkeling in the world! In this blog post, you will find 18 fun things to do in St John USVI featuring activities For adults, kids, and more!

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Top Attractions in St. John USVI

St. John USVI is a beautiful island full of lush trees and clear blue waters. There are so many things to do in St.Johns Virgin Island’s you won’t even know where to start.

These are some free to splurge-worthy things to do in St.John USVI.

3 Must-See & Do Activities [Things You’ll Regret Missing]

These are some activities you absolutely must try while you visit St. John USVI.

Reef Bay Valley

Travel to Reef Bay Valley and discover the Reef Bay Petroglyphs. These ancient symbols are along the beaches and caves in the area. It’s great for families that like to explore.

Lime out Taco Boat

If you’re on the hunt for some unusual things to do in St.John USVI, try the tasty food floating on Lime out Taco Boat. This floating food establishment serves some of the best tacos in St.John USVI.

Island Charter Boat Hopping

Island Charter Boat Hopping is a great activity on an island, especially on St.John USVI. The Island Charter Boating experience is like no other, especially if you love the idea of exploring new places.

3 Free Things To Do in St John Virgin Islands

If you’re on a budget, no worries. Here are some free things to do in St.John Virgin Islands.

Annaberg Sugar Plantation

St. John USVI is known for its rich history in sugar plantations. If you’re looking for a free yet educational activity in St John USVI, you need to visit the Annaberg Sugar plantation.

Cinnamon Bay Beach

Cinnamon Bay Beach is absolutely free for anyone on St.John USVI. If you’re on the hunt for an activity to do on St.John USVI, beaches are always a safe bet. Enjoy quality family time next to crystal clear waters.

Caneel Bay

Things to do in St. John USVI - Caneel Bay

Though the Caneel Bay Resort is no longer functioning, the bay itself is perfectly useable. If you’re craving a dip in crystal clear waters and to enjoy a scenic view – travel to Caneel Bay.

3 Best Locals Spots in St John

These local places are a must-visit if you’re searching for things to do in St. John Virgin Islands.

Shaibus Garden Oasis

Locally owned and locally sourced, Shaibu’s Garden Oasis is one of the best local spots in St. John. The owner and chef, Shaibu, was born in Ghana but traveled the world before settling down in St. John. Now, he shares his passion for the culinary arts through curated classics like braised oxtail, jerk chicken, and spiny Caribbean lobster. His cocktails are as delicious [and as strong] as the flavors of his food. A visit to Shaibu’s Garden Oasis is not to be missed!

Hillside Terrace Weekend Bar and Grille

Morgans Mangos

It’s best to make sure you’re really hungry before you visit the famous Morgans Mangos. This elite restaurant in St. John’s Virgin Islands is best known for its steamy seafood dishes. They serve food from many Caribbean cultures. 

Mongoose Junction

Mongoose Junction is home to everything on St. John from great food to cocktails and more. This local area is excellent if you’re craving a bite, looking to shop or have a few drinks.

Maho Crossroads

Maho Crossroads is a “minimum footprint, energy-efficient, self-powered pop-up village across the street from Maho Beach in St John, US Virgin Islands.” The village always has fun pop-up events during the summer season.

3 Things to Do in St John at Night

If you’re ever interested in activities at night in St. John, these are some of the places you have to hit during your visit. 

The Longboard

The Longboard is a must visit Caribbean style restaurant. If you’re ever interested in good cuisine late at night, this restaurant is a treat for any seafood lover.  

Shipwreck Landing

If you’re on a hunt for fun activities to do in St. John USVI, Shipwreck Landing is a must try. This exquisite location is home to live music on certain days of the week and weekends. It’s most definitely worth the visit if you’re up for a little dancing in St. John.

Woody’s Seafood Saloon

Yum! Woody’s Seafood Saloon is an absolute must-visit. This Caribbean-cuisine style restaurant has everything straight from the sea just for you. 

3  Romantic Things To Do in St John USVI

There are so many romantic things to do in St John USVI. It is a lover’s paradise. 

Beach Day at Honeymoon Beach

A Beach date is guaranteed to be the most romantic date idea if you’re looking for some romantic things to do in St.John USVI. Honeymoon Beach is where all the giddy couples go to enjoy some alone time.

Cruz Bay

Things to do in St John USVI - Cruz Bay

It’s no surprise that when people are looking for fun things to do in St.John USVI, happy couples seek out Cruz Bay. Cruz Bay has lots of shopping, food, and drink options along the bay area. 

There are so many options for things to do together, it makes for the perfect date!

Magens Bay Beach Trail

Magens Bay Beach Trail is a very short yet gorgeous trail for couples or families to enjoy if they love the outdoors. Who wouldn’t love the outdoors if you get a scenic view of the lush environment of St.John?

3 Top Kids Activities in St John 

These activities in St. John USVI are family-friendly and so much fun!

Trunk Bay Beach 

Things to do in St John USVI - Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay Beach is a great place to visit because compared to other beaches in St.John USVI, this beach requires a fee of 5$. Enjoy family time without having to worry about overly crowded beaches.

Arawak Expeditions

If you’re on the hunt for some unusual things to do in St.John USVI, you absolutely should try Arawak Expeditions. Arawak includes a variety of water activities, from fly fishing to kayaking. This is a must-try activity for any adventurous person.

Reef Bay Trail

If your rambunctious family loves the outdoors, it’s always a great time to go for a walk or hike. Reef Bay Trail is a family-friendly outdoor adventure everyone will enjoy. All you have to do is pack a lunch and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

There are so many fun things to do and activities to participate in at St. John!

If you’ve been looking for a fun vacation spot that offers something for everyone, look no further than St John USVI. Whether you want to explore the natural beauty of this island or if you need some family-friendly activities, there is so much to do on Saint John and it doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are. We hope our list will help point your way towards an adventure filled with memories that last forever.

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