Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

20+ Gift Ideas for Tween Girls [From a Tween Girl!]

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If you’ve been struggling to come up with gift ideas for tween girls, this is the post for you!

Between TikTok, following all the trends, and avoiding being “sus”, it can be hard to keep up with gifts tween girls like. So my new life hack? Have my tween daughter tell me herself! Both girls helped contribute to this list to provide the ultimate list of gift ideas for tween girls.

Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, a special occasion, or “just because” here are some gift ideas for tween girls that they are sure to love.

Gift Ideas for Tween Girls Aged 9-12

Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Electronics and Tech

Apple Watch – there are a ton of Apple watch combinations available but if you are looking for gift ideas for tween girls, you’ll want to spring for one with GPS and cellular. The cellular lets them text, make calls, and receive them too. [It’s great for travel too!]

AirPods – if I had a dollar for every time my daughter asked for a pair of AirPods, I’d have enough money to actually buy her the AirPods! This one should probably be at the top of the list for gift ideas for tween girls.

Nintendo Switch – this is hands down one of my daughter’s favorite toys making it a great gift idea for any tween girl. It’s small, portable, and all the rage with tweens.

Canon Sticker Printer – bring their favorite photos from the screen to their hands with this portable sticker printer. It quickly and easily prints photos from their phone. The best part: it doesn’t use ink so no expensive cartridges to purchase!

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer – bring a bit of old to the new with this portable Polaroid printer! Not only does it print photos from their phone but it also comes with a cool app where they can edit and add filters to take their pictures up a notch.

Skincare, Cosmetics, and Fragrances

Drunk Elephant – luxury skincare is all the rage for tween girls and very few are as popular as Drunk Elephant. Their bottles are very aesthetically pleasing but the quality of their product is unmatched. [Be careful not to choose any products with acids for tweens younger than 12!]

Byoma Collection – if you’re looking for skincare that will be gentle on your skin while promoting skin health and glow, Byoma is the one for you! As a bonus, their bottles are adorable and their price tags are more than reasonable.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm – this is one of my personal faves so it’s no surprise that it made it to my kiddo’s list of gift ideas for tweens! It’s super moisturizing and smells ridiculously good!

Miss Dior Fragrances – the price of this one might give some sticker shock. But per my tween, Miss Dior fragrances are insanely trendy and worth being on the list of gift ideas for tween girls. They do indeed smell amazing!

Gisou Lip Oil – tween girls love a popping lip! And Gisou Lip Oil delivers that in spades.

Glow Recipe – Glow Recipe delivers great skincare in beautiful bottles that are on every tween girl’s wishlist. The Plum Hydration line is a personal favorite! [Please be wary of the ingredients and avoid purchasing harsh acid for any tween under the age of 12.]

Glossier – if your tween is experimenting with makeup, fragrances, and skincare Glossier is a holy grail. Their ingredients are relatively clean and everything has a very natural finish. The highlights from my tween are the lip balm, the gel cream blush, and the lash slick lift mascara.

Fashion and Accessories

Nike Dunks – all the tweens got together and unanimously decided that Nike Dunks are the shoe to get. My own tween has a particular fondness for the black and white ones [called Pandas] but I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the color combinations.

Nike Socks – can’t have the shoes without the socks, right? But to be honest, my kid wears these with all her shoes regardless of the brand. Any color will be a great gift but be sure to opt for the crew length.

Ugg Slippers – this is a gift guide for tween girls but I actually want a pair of these for myself. They’re so comfy and cute that it’s no wonder it’s a popular gift idea for tween girls.

Stanley Cup – is there a more popular gift idea for tween girls this year than the Stanley cup? I think not! The larger the better. And opt for the handle over the straw so they can take it to school and travel!

Victoria’s Secret Robe – cozy, plush, and on-trend? Makes it a great gift idea for tweens! My tween insisted on Victoria’s Secret but I’m sure any plush robe will do.

Hoodie – winter, summer, spring, and fall, hoodies are the favorite tween clothing of them all! My tween insists that the most popular one is from Fear of God Essentials but I truly believe a generic one from Amazon would be just as pleasing.

Claw Clips – is it just me or are the 90s making a big comeback in today’s tweens? Claw clips [formerly known as banana clips to us outdated Millennials] are a fabulous gift idea for tween girls!

Home Goods

Candle Making Kit – bubble candles are absolutely adorable! And tweens love them! Take the gift idea up a notch by not just gifting a candle but giving them a kit to make their own.

Gratitude Journal – multiple studies have shown that journaling promotes mental health for all ages. Gift your favorite tween girl this gratitude journal to help keep her blossoming mind on track.


Yes, this category surprised me too! These toys look nothing like the toys of my youth but I’m lowkey relieved that my “not quite a baby” baby still wants toys to play with.

Rainbow High Shadow High Special Edition Fashion Dolls – these adorable dolls are the epitome of fashion with cute outfits, chic accessories, and shoes even I want to purchase for myself.

    Bratz Original Doll – almost two decades after their original release, Bratz dolls have stormed back into popularity and are the perfect gift idea for tween girls.

    Studio Creator Video Maker 2 – this ring light and green screen kit is a perfect gift idea for any tween girl who wants to be a content creator [or just make fun videos].

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