Gifts for Kids Who Travel

The Perfect Gifts for Kids Who Travel

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Whether you’re shopping for the holidays, a special occasion, or just because, it’s always a good time to find the perfect gifts for kids who travel! Help get the entire family excited for their trip by providing them with travel gifts for kids.

Out of ideas? No worries! Here is a list of kids travel gifts!

Gifts for Kids Who Travel

Travel Guides and Activity Books

Travel guides for little travelers are both educational and fun!  And no worries if the kiddos aren’t reading yet! There are plenty of travel-themed activity books for kids of all ages!  From city-specific literature to world maps with stickers and travel journals — we’ve got it covered in this list of travel gifts for kids!


Kid Foreign Language Books

One of our favorite methods for getting the kids excited for an overseas trip is to introduce them to a new language! Luckily, there are some wonderful kids language books available for all levels of reading.

Globes and Maps

Globes are a wonderful idea when looking for travel gift ideas for kids! Kids are visual learners so seeing where they’ve gone and where they are going helps enforce their global education. Bonus: if you get one that lights up, it can double as a night light.

Maps are also great travel gift ideas for kids! They scratch off places they’ve been or mark their travel wish lists with a push pin.

These bad boys are probably better suited to be gifted to the entire family but we can’t rave enough about having a large push pin map! We received one for Christmas two years ago and it is the highlight of our home.  The girls love placing new pins after our trip and it’s an awesome conversation starter when we have guests over.

Activity Kits

If you’re looking for something more hands on, travel activity kits for kids are a great travel gift idea!  Puzzles, adventure kits, learning cards, and more are included here!

Genealogy Kits

Genealogy kits like have become all the rage but did you know they had genealogy kits for kids? Well, they do!  Maybe travel has inspired your kiddo to learn more about their ancestry or maybe their background will add a new destination to their travel wish list.  Either way, these genealogy kits make a great gift idea for traveling kids!

Travel Jewelry

Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings — oh my! If your kid is a jewelry aficionado, here is a list of travel inspired jewelry that would make a perfect gift!

Travel Backpacks

It might just be a thing with my kids but they LOVE backpacks!  They’re especially particular about their travel backpack — it can’t be the same as the one they use for school, have pockets in all the right spots and bonus points if it can be rolled at some point.  If your kiddos are like mine, we’ve got a list for you!

Luggage and Luggage Tags

Nothing makes a traveling kid more excited than new luggage!  Gifting them with their very own suitcase that they can pull through the airport [or even ride to their next gate] will totally win you cool points with the kiddos!

Travel Blankets and Pillows

This might be more of a practical gift than a fun one but they are still great travel gift ideas for kids nonetheless! On a long trip, having a comfy blanket and pillow can be invaluable.

Travel Electronics

Let’s be honest — electronics are almost always a good idea when it comes to travel gift ideas for kids. Headphones, cameras, and tablets all make great gifts!

Shirts and Clothes

Travel related clothes is such an easy way to combine something whimsical with something practical.  And who doesn’t like a shirt with a cool phrase?  No one, that’s who.

The best travel themed clothes for kids can be found at Gymboree!  Here is just a sampling of their offerings:

A Trip

This wouldn’t be a travel website if we didn’t mention the obvious.  A trip to the destination of their choice is, of course, one of the best gifts ever!  If you’re balling on a budget or unsure where to go, Skyscanner is a wonderful resource to help narrow things down.  Find inexpensive fare [including error fares!] and put an e-ticket in their stocking!


Do you have any travel gift ideas for kids? Leave a comment below!

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