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Surely I can’t be the only one that gets absolutely giddy in the lobby of a nice hotel, right?  That literally squeals with delight when they walk into a bright, airy, clean hotel room?

Seriously — is it just me?? OK, fine.

But we can’t deny that having a really solid place to lay your head while traveling is paramount.  And if you’re as bad as me, a bad hotel can really put a damper on the entire visit.

Well, that’s why we put so much weight into our hotel reviews.

All family friendly hotels MUST have:

  • Free wi-fi [because YouTube can literally save your sanity sometimes when you’re traveling with kids]
  • Separate beds for the kids [we ended co-sleeping after I woke up with a toe in my nose]
  • Kid friendly amenities available such as a crib, cot, high chair, etc.
  • High Security [limited access to guest floors and someone manning the front desk at all times]

It is a bonus if they also have:

  • Babysitting services available [complimentary or at an additional charge]
  • A fitness center for its members [in case we need to work off all the gelato]
  • A tub [sometimes showers just don’t cut it]

We break out our reviews based on:

  • What We Liked

  • What We Loved

  • What We Could Have Done Without [No hotel is perfect and we feel it is important to include these types of things]


Lastly, we provide our overall opinion — would we stay there again, would we recommend it to a friend, etc. — and our overall rating out of 5.

  • 1 = Hell no. I’d rather sleep in my car.
  • 2 = Meh, maybe.  If it was super convenient or the only thing available.
  • 3 = Didn’t hate it so would recommend it if the price was right. [Don’t blame me.  Blame the budget.]
  • 4 = Great stay with only a few caveats so would stay there again.
  • 5 = HYFR it’s the best hotel EVER!


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