Is Cabo San Lucas Safe
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Is Cabo San Lucas Safe in 2024?

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Is Los Cabos safe? Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

With the recent news and travel advisories, it is common to ask: is Los Cabos safe?  Is Cabo San Lucas safe?  Despite the negative media coverage, Los Cabos [including Cabo San Lucas] is safe. In fact, it was proudly declared the safest city in Mexico by the concierge at Paradisus Los Cabos during my last solo trip.  There are even things to do in Cabo with kids!

Let’s start by breaking down the two areas.  Los Cabos includes the entire southern tip of Baja California and actually encompasses two towns in the area: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.  San Jose del Cabo is considered the more historic part of the area with cathedrals, city squares, and smaller resorts.  Cabo San Lucas is the more tourist-driven part of the area with tons of large resorts, golf courses, the city marina, and many entertainment options.

Is It Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas? Is it Safe To Travel to San Jose Del Cabo?

In short: yes.  It is considered safe to travel to both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.   Violent events have plagued Mexico for quite some time leading the United States to issue a Level 2 Travel Advisory or higher for the entire country of Mexico.  This means that they recommend visitors exercise increased caution due to crime and kidnapping.  However, the majority of the occurrences have involved locals and not tourists.

So it’s pretty valid to question if it is safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas or to San Jose del Cabo. Baja California Sur, the state Los Cabos is in, is currently listed as a Level 2 [reconsider travel]. That may seem like cause for alarm but for most travelers, it isn’t.

For perspective, the United States currently lists over 70 countries with a level 2 travel advisory. The extensive list includes super popular tourist destinations like Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Belgium, and even the United Kingdom. We never felt unsafe during our spring break in Spain or our spring break in Italy.  In fact, we never even thought to check for travel advisories before visiting those places.  If those places are not questioned, we should not need to ask “Is Cabo San Lucas safe?”.

So why is Los Cabos safe?

Its close proximity to the United States means that for the majority of the year, it has a steady stream of American tourists.  The government [and the locals] are heavily invested in keeping it that way to help support the local economy.

Most of the business in the area is driven by visitors that stay at the resorts, patronize their restaurants, and purchase local wares from the stores. As such, they are usually agreeable with very little risk.

Also, as of 2023, there is no political upheaval or unrest in that area of Mexico.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe - Paradisus Los Cabos

If you choose to stay in a resort, your resort will come with its own security as well.  Guests are usually provided with a wristband identifying them as guests of the property.  Those without a band are questioned by resort security.  That same security personnel also usually roam the property for anything that might be out of place.  If you stay at a smaller property like Paradisus Los Cabos, the staff will recognize your face  [some will even remember your name] and will watch out for you.

During my solo trip to Los Cabos, I felt completely safe during my visit.

How to Avoid Cabo Crime

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice caution.  Standard safety practices should apply anywhere you go.  Be aware of your surroundings and take steps to protect yourself and your items.

Here are some general tips to avoid Cabo crime:

  • If you rent a car in Los Cabos, stick to the main roads and try to limit driving to the day.
  • Invest in an anti-theft purse like the kind you would use to avoid pickpockets in Europe.
  • Only use ATMs at banks and try to use them during the day.
  • Share your whereabouts with a friend or post on Instagram and/or Facebook.
  • Don’t show signs of wealth like wearing an expensive watch or fancy rings.  Consider purchasing a silicone wedding band.
  • Keep your personal belongings in sight and close to you.  Please don’t leave your belongings unattended.
  • Don’t wander off with strangers.
  • Refrain from any illegal activity while in Mexico [or anywhere, really].
  • Only book your excursions from reputable companies.  Better yet, book them through your resort or Airbnb host.

So is Cabo San Lucas Safe in 2024?  Yes, it is.

Have you been to Los Cabos?  Is Los Cabos safe to you?

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