Luggage Review – Clothink Spinner Suitcae

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Luggage is a never ending battle amongst the Spring Break Family members so when we received the opportunity to review the Hardside Spinner suitcase from Clothink we jumped on it!

We ordered the 20″ suitcase in Silver but it also comes in Black, Navy, and a snazzy champagne color that totally would have been my second choice.  The Clothink 20″ suitcase is the perfect carry on size but it also comes in 24″ if you’re looking for something larger.

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In lieu of a zipper, the suitcase comes with a clasp closing.  Think of a very large, old school briefcase and you would have pictured the closing of this suitcase.  If you’ve ever had a suitcase zipper break in the middle of a big trip, you know what a relief an alternative option is.  As a bonus it comes with a built in TSA lock!




What We Loved

The first thing you notice about this suitcase is how pretty it is.  Having kids can sometimes make you feel like you can’t have nice things but this contradicts that!  It is super sleek and modern with the type of aesthetic I would attribute to a business traveler.

My kids, those sweet little nuggets, put the suitcase to the test right out of the package by riding it [yes, literally riding it] face down on our hardwood floors a few minutes after I opened it.  I was terrified that it would be scratched [before I even got the chance to take pictures no less] but lo and behold it was in perfect condition!

Durable + stylish = a win!


What We Liked

Since the size we ordered was a little on the smaller side, we figured maybe it could double as a suitcase for the girls.  Having something small enough that they can push/pull really helps a lot when we’re out traveling.  It’s free labor for me and Phil but it makes the girls feel like they are part of the team.  So to test things out, I filled the luggage with clothes and asked my 9 year old to push it around the house.  Luckily, she was able roll it along with no problem!


What We Could Have Done Without

This one is tough because there is nothing we hated about the suitcase!  If we had to make a point about small details, it would be regarding the unique interior.  The suitcase has clothing organizers to help keep everything nice and neat.  However, if you use packing cubes or compression bags for travel, then you won’t be able to fully utilize them with this suitcase.  This size suitcase is better suited for shorter journeys anyway so you don’t really need the packing cubes.


Also, with all spinners, you have to be mindful of where the legs are on the suitcase.  These are completely outside the body of the suitcase so are more likely to be damaged in transit.  Fortunately, these are very securely fastened so less likely to be damaged.


Overall, we really liked this suitcase and can’t wait to use it for our next trip!





[I received this suitcase for free from Clothink to take for a test run but all opinions are my own!]

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