6 Tips For Having a Momcation on a Budget

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So confession time: being a mom and a wife is the absolute joy of my life but sometimes I crave alone time.  You know — just sitting [in an unshared space], being silent [or just having the TV going in the background] while I do everything I want to do [or nothing at all].  Just a set block of time that’s all about me. Modern day travel lingo has officially given it a title: a momcation.

Apparently, I’m not alone in this.  In fact, momcations [a vacation alone or with a group of moms to recharge and live it up] are the new “thing.”  Taking time for ourselves and cheering for self-care is so 2019.   And let me just say – I’m here for all of it!

If you’ve decided to embark on your momcation [if you’re simply considering it — honey, seriously, what are you waiting for?], then I’ve got 6 handy tips to help you do it on a budget.


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  • Consider a Staycation

Make the most of the city you live in to avoid travel costs. Perhaps there is a new exhibit in the inner city that you’ve been dying to see or a particularly hip part of town that you don’t get to visit often or maybe even a suburb you haven’t been to.   Look into those areas, plot out an agenda, and have the time of your life!




  • Save on Your Hotel

I LOVE a nice hotel! Where I stay can really make or break my trip so this is where I invest the most of my effort — finding the nicest hotel in the area without breaking my budget. My secret weapon? Priceline Express Deals! You will be given the price, area, rating of the hotel and other basic information [number of reviews, average review ratings, hotel amenities, etc.] but they don’t give you the name.

It may seem like a roll of the dice but it is actually pretty easy to match the info with a hotel. Go through their regular results and match the information like for like until you get a best guess. I’ve done this for years and have only gotten the hotel wrong once. The extra work [or just simply letting go control of the selection] is worth the savings! I’ve gotten 5 star hotels for less than $100/night.

Bonus tip: search for your hotel while logged into your Priceline account but don’t book.  Give it a day or two and Priceline will likely e-mail you a 10% off Express Deal coupon.


priceline express

If you’re more of an Airbnb type of gal, use this link to save $40 off your first booking!

  • Hit Up the Grocery Store Before Your Stay

Plan to just kick back with a glass of wine and some chocolate? Sounds like a great plan to me! Just save yourself the room service charge by bringing it with you.  Stock up on water, wine mommy juice, snacks, and treats before you check into your hotel.

  • Stick To the Free Things

This one may seem a little obvious but if you really want to ball on a budget, stick to things that are free. Read a good book by the pool, watch rated-M shows on Netflix in your room, finally type up your memoirs while sipping a glass of wine, take a long sudsy bath without little fingers under the door, or do yoga at sunrise on the lawn.  Find a museum with free entry or a park that shows plays for free.  If you’re on Facebook, check the “Events” tab in the Explore section.  There are always a ton of goodies there.



  • Groupon and LivingSocial are Your Friends

When it comes to activity discounts Groupon and LivingSocial are undefeated!  Be sure to scour these sites before your momcation to find some things that interest you.  From fitness classes to mani/pedis, they’ll have you covered.

  • Check with your host or concierge

This is an often overlooked item and I’m not sure why.  The front desk concierge at your hotel usually has a ton of goodies like coupons and brochures [with more coupons — YAY!] at their disposal.  Same for Airbnb hosts too. They can also often make all your arrangements for you without you having to lift a finger.  Just to be sure to let  them know your budget.  At the very least, they can make recommendations of things to do that won’t break the bank.  They’re seriously an invaluable resource so be sure to check with them at the beginning of your trip.



Have you been on a momcation? What are your money-saving tips?


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