Empower Your Girls: 50 Positive Affirmations for Daughters

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Being a girl in this world is hard.  Harder than I remember it being when I was growing up.  As the mother of two young girls, I want nothing more than for them to grow up to be strong forces of nature.  So for the past year or so I have been doing daily positive affirmation for my daughters.  It has made such a difference in their confidence and overall demeanor.


Positive affirmations for daughters is more than just speaking nice words with them.  Positive affirmations for daughters is about speaking courage and conviction into them, instilling them with confidence, and anointing their daily existence.

Tailor these to fit your daughter’s specific needs and feel free to add your own.

50 Positive Affirmation for Daughters


  1. You are intelligent.
  2. You are important.
  3. You matter.
  4. Your body is your own.
  5. There is only one you.
  6. You are courageous.
  7. You are compassionate.
  8. You are capable.
  9. You are comfortable in your own skin.
  10. Your words matter.
  11. Your feelings matter.
  12. You speak with confidence.
  13. There is joy in you.
  14. Every day is your best day.
  15. You are loved.
  16. You treat others as you want to be treated.
  17. You are kind.
  18. You are not alone.
  19. You can persevere.
  20. You are patient.
  21. You are honest.
  22. You are determined.
  23. You are inquisitive [and okay with being so].
  24. You are woman, hear you roar.
  25. Your joy and serenity are untouchable.
  26. You are a leader.
  27. There is nothing you can’t do.
  28. You are healthy.
  29. You are a great friend.
  30. You attract good fortune and goodwill to yourself.
  31. You bring great fortune and goodwill to others.
  32. You are generous.
  33. You are independent.
  34. You will remain positive even when the outcome appears bleak.
  35. You are a good person.
  36. You are proud of yourself [and so am I].
  37. You are the best daughter anyone could have.
  38. You are worthy.
  39. You have a heart of gold.
  40. You deserve [love | respect | loyalty | success | wealth].
  41. You are [and will continue to be] successful.
  42. You are beautiful inside and out.
  43. You are strong.
  44. You are fearless.
  45. You are perfect in God’s eyes.
  46. Difficult is hard but not impossible.
  47. Your best is good enough.
  48. You are helpful.
  49. You believe in yourself.
  50. You are EVERYTHING!
  51. You have the BEST PARENTS EVER!


That last one is a bonus but it’s true!

What are some positive affirmations you share with your daughter?

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