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27 Amazing Things to Do In Valencia With Kids

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This is a list of things to do in Valencia with kids.

Valencia is such a vibrant city filled with architecture, nature, playgrounds, one of a kind attractions, and yummy food! It’s often compared to other great Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid but Valencia is in a class of its own.  If it isn’t already on your travel wish list to visit Valencia with kids, it should be!  Here is a list of 27 things to do with kids in Valencia!

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Visit The City of Arts and Sciences [La Ciutat de Les Arts y Les Ciencies]

Official Website for the City of Arts and Sciences Museum of Science

Treat yourself and the kiddos with a visit to this one of a kind museum in the heart of Valencia.  The complex is actually made up of several attractions spanning many city blocks but all housed in The City of Arts and Sciences complex which is open 365 days/year.  Each attraction [unless noted] requires its own admission ticket but you can bundle your admissions deals to save money.

  • The City of Arts and Sciences Prince Felipe Museum of Science [Museu De Les Ciencies Principe Felipe ]

The Prince Felipe Museum of Science is packed full of interactive, family-friendly attractions.  Touching the exhibits is encouraged!  There is a live chicken egg incubator where kids [and adults] can watch baby chickens emerge from their shell [literally].   There are also rotating seasonal exhibits in the dedicated kids’ area.

During our visit, the kids’ area was filled with storybook themed activities.  We were able to learn the kinetics of making a life-sized string puppet move, demonstrate the ocular strength of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, and bowl our way to quiz victory while learning about the taste buds of Hansel in Hansel and Gretel.  There was also a short film, a coloring area, and picture cutouts.

Best of all, the floor was designed to be very open so Phil and I could sit in one area while the girls ran from exhibit to exhibit under our watchful [yet amused] eye.  There is a very good reason why this is number one on the list of things to do in Valencia with kids.

It takes about 2-3 hours to explore the entire museum and it is time well spent!

  • Hemisferic

Ever watched an educational IMAX film in a building that looks like it is straight from outer space?  Well, then you need to add visiting the Hemisferic to your list of things to do in Valencia with kids!  The Hemisferic is also part of the City of Arts and Sciences complex but there is fun to be had both inside and outside the building.

Inside you will find a Laserium, a Planetarium, and an IMAX 3-D cinema.  Due to the eyeball shape of the building [yes, it was designed to look like an eye], the screen almost appears to cover you.  It’s a truly delightful addition to the list of things to do in Valencia with kids.

Several educational films are showcased in the Hemisferic.  Most are around 45 minutes long, come with 3-D glasses, and are available in Spanish, English, French, and Valencian.  They have something for everyone so if you’re unsure which is the most kid-friendly, be sure to inquire with the staff.

  • Oceanografic

Every area of The City of Arts and Sciences if phenomenal but hands down the Oceanografic was my absolute favorite thing to do in Valencia with kids.   The park is designed with ten areas with each representing a different climate or habitat.  The Oceanografic is also very open which makes you feel up close and personal with the animals.  Kids can see all types of aquatic life from sea turtles and walruses to flamingos and manatees.  For a special treat, be sure to visit the wetlands where the birds roam freely [and see who can escape bird poop free].

Seeing the Oceanografic in its entirety can take 3-4 hours [longer if you decide to visit the theater; shorter if you skip the dolphinarium show].

  • The Rest of the City of Arts and Sciences

The entire City of Arts and Sciences complex is made of three buildings.  We’ve covered three of them in the list of things to do in Valencia with kids but there are three remaining.

The Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia [The Valencia Opera House] is a private event auditorium dedicated to the performing arts.  Admission is only open with a ticket to a scheduled event.

The Valencia Agora is an exhibition hall designed for concerts, conventions, special performances, and the like.  This building is not open for tours and is only accessible during an event.

The Umbracle is an open air garden filled with sculptures.  Admission is completely free of charge and is fun for a casual stroll or an evening nightcap.  It is often rented out for special events; during that time is not available for public visits.

You can definitely stop at these places when visiting Valencia with kids but their attractions aren’t specifically designed with kids in mind.


Explore the Natural Science Museum [Museo de Ciencias Naturales]

Visit Valencia: The Natural Science Museum

If you’re looking for a smaller, more budget-friendly museum option than the City of Arts and Sciences then the Natural Science Museum is the stop for you.  Visitors can learn about prehistoric sciences, Valencian ecosystems, the history of life, and much more.  The larger than life dinosaurs are a fan favorite with the kids but there are also cool mollusks, a beekeeping exhibit, and prehistoric animal displays.


Cruise Around the City on The Valencia Bus Turistic

Valencia Bus Tours  |  Valencia Tours

The Hop on Hop Off bus with Valencia Bus Turistic is an easy way to see the city of Valencia with kids in tow. Not only are you treated to an air-conditioned [or heated] ride in a double-decker bus, but each tour comes with an audio guide that describes the city in 10 different languages [English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Valencian, and Russian].

The Valencia Bus Turistic offers two separate bus routes with around 21 bus stops around the city. You can purchase either a 24-hour bus pass or one for 48 hours. Our family was able to ride both routes in one day.

What really makes this one of the best things to do in Valencia with kids? Kids ages 6 and under are completely free when accompanied by an adult [YAY] and kids ages 7-16 are heavily discounted.


Scale the Valencian City Gate Towers [Torres de Serranos]

Torres de Serranos

The Serranos Towers [Torres de Serranos] of Valencia are not just majestic reminders of Valencian history when the city was walled.  They are also some of the most impressive vantage points in the city.  Want a bird’s eye view of Valencia?  Climb to the top of one [or both] of the Serranos Towers and soak in the city.

Admission to the top is 2 Euros for adults, 1 Euro for kids ages 7 to 12, and free for kids 6 and under.  Sundays and official holidays offer free entry.

If you are considering adding this to your list of things to do in Valencia with kids, please note there are a lot of stairs.  And no, there is no lift [or an elevator].  The sets are broken into sets where you can stop and take a break if needed.  But if the kiddos aren’t up for the climb, please keep this in mind.

Conquer the Giant at Gulliver Park

Instalaciones Jardin del Turia – Parque Gulliver

This one of a kind park is located in the heart of Valencia and features a delightfully large playscape designed like – you guessed it – Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travel.  Climb Gulliver’s torso, slide down strands of Gulliver’s hair or hide in Gulliver’s pants.  The park is [literally] larger than life so it will be fun for kids of all ages and even the adults!


Marvel at the Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail

Official Website of Catedral de Valencia

The Valencia Cathedral is so much more than a church.  Dedicated to both history and art, the Valencia Cathedral is a must-do on this list of things to do in Valencia with kids.  Ever heard of the Last Supper?  It’s the last meal Jesus had with his apostles before his death and resurrection.  Historians believe the Holy Chalice, viewable in Valencia, is the very same cup Jesus drank from during that supper.

If that wasn’t thrilling enough, the Valencia Cathedral is also home to 90 pieces of art with varying styles and historical significance [including none other than the Renaissance frescoes of the main altar].

You can also take in panoramic views of the city via the Miguelete Tower inside the cathedral.  Just a note: there are no lifts or elevators so the ascent is all stairs [207 of them to be exact].

Admission is only 7 Euros for adults and 5.50 Euros for children.  Senior citizens and those that are disabled are also admitted for 5.50 Euros. The Valencia Cathedral is an active place of worship so be mindful of their hours as they close for mass.

Frolic in the Plaza de la Virgin

Trip Advisor Page for Plaza de la Virgen

I learned during our spring break trip to Rome that I absolutely love open air plazas in Europe.  Something about the energy and the atmosphere make me really excited.  The Plaza de Virgin in old town Valencia is no exception.  In fact, it might even be a contender to be one of my favorites!

No vehicles are allowed in the area so if you’re looking for an area for the kids to have space to run about freely, this is it.  The activities here vary from day to day [hour to hour] but they are generally of the family-friendly variety with street performers, artistic displays [like a huge ninot of the Virgin Mary during Las Fallas], and musicians.  There are also cafes lining the plaza if you fancy a treat.


Find the Ninots [Then Watch Them Burn During Las Fallas]

If you’ve never visited Valencia with kids during the month of March, then you are missing out!  Las Fallas is an annual festival in Valencia featuring mannequins called ninots.  They range from absurd to just plain comical and are planted all over the city.  During the festival, there are parades, fireworks, musicians, and tons of entertainment all around.  It does tend to get loud though so protect sensitive ears.

Things to Do in Valencia With Kids - Ninots

The very last day, the festival culminates with a huge parade throughout the city, a fireworks display, and then all the ninots [with the exception of the singular chosen best] are burned.  Yep, burned with actual fire.  It might sound scary with kids but keep a safe distance and it’s totally fine.

See a Piece of Rome in Valencia at the Almoina Archaeological Museum [Museo de Almoina]

Trip Advisor Page for Almoina Archeological Museum

The unique nature of this museum is one of the main reasons it is included on this list of things to do in Valencia with kids.  Elaborate and immaculate Roman ruins are displayed in an open fashion where kids [and adults too!] are free to rome roam about [word pun for the win!].  There are excavated streets, bathhouses, and more showcased under glass walkways.  There are also informational videos shown where you can get an in-depth explanation of what Valencia was like in its early days.

Admission is a steal at only 2 Euros per person.  If you visit on the weekends or a public holiday, it’s an even better deal because admission is absolutely free.


Engage in Battle at the Tin Soldier Museum [L’Iber Museo de Los Soldaditos de Plomo]

Official Website of L’Iber Museo de Los Soldaditos de Plomo

If you an the kids are history buffs or enjoy toy displays, then you will love the Tin Soldier Museum.  As the largest museum of historical miniatures in the world, they have more than 95,000 figurines on display.  See everything from dinosaurs to pop culture all in a delightfully tiny display!


Marvel at Ninots Past at the Fallas Museum [Museo Fallero]

Official Website of the Museo Fallero

Every year, one chosen ninot is saved from being burned during Las Fallas.  The pardoned ninots are preserved and kept in the Fallas Museum for everyone to enjoy for years to come.  Other Fallas related memorabilia is on display here too including posters, photographs, and exhibits.


Visit the Animals of Africa at the Valencia Bioparc

Official Website of the Valencia Bioparc

The innovative Valencia Bioparc [Zoo] allows its visitors to become completely immersed in the habitat of its inhabitants.  Savannahs, prairies, and grasslands are reproduced, visible barriers are few, and animals are allowed to interact the way they would in nature.

Things to Do in Valencia with Kids - Valencia Bioparc

You’ll get to see many of Africa’s majestic creatures including lions, giraffes, and apes.  Some of the creature even roam freely without any enclosures providing you with a face to face encounter.  It’s unlike any zoo you’ve ever visited and well worth the stop when visiting Valencia with kids.

Roam Turia Garden [Jardin del Turia]

Visit Valencia: Turia Gardens

One of my favorite things to do in Valencia with kids is to explore the many green spaces in the city.  The Turia Garden is one of the largest parks in Valencia and offers walking trails, areas to play sports, and bike paths [with bike rentals to boot].  The park runs the length of the inner city and connects many of the popular attractions like Gulliver’s Park, The City of Arts and Sciences, and the Valencia Bioparc.

Shop for Goodies at Valencia’s Central Market [Mercat Central de Valencia]

Official Website of Central Market of Valencia

If you didn’t already know from reading our itinerary for visiting Valencia with kids [or even our spring break trip to Barcelona], we love markets!  Valencia’s Central Market does seem to be intended for local residents [it’s fashioned like a very old, very large, very neat supermarket] but visitors can find treats here too.  Check their official website for a complete listing of the vendors along with information on their special events.  Some of the vendors take cards but bring Euros just in case.


Eat All the Treats at Valencia’s Colon Market [Mercat Colon]

Official Website of Colon Market of Valencia

The Colon Market in Valencia is one of my all-time favorites!  Unlike the Central Market of Valencia, the Colon Market has more of a flair for tourists.  They have tons of goodies available that you can enjoy there or take on the go.

Anything from pastries to paella to Chinese cuisine is available here with many shops, nooks, and crannies you can explore.  The market is almost always busy so be mindful of your kiddos.  However, it is tastefully designed so that there is plenty of room for them to stretch their legs while staying in plain sight.

Score a Goal at the Home of the Valencia Club de Futbol [Mestalla Stadium]

Official Website of Valencia CF

Soccer [also called football or futbol] is a huge sport in Spain so visiting the Mestalla Stadium is almost like visiting a national landmark.  Take a guided tour of this legendary stadium while walking the same steps as the Valencia CF [Club de Futbol] team and learn the history behind this historic building.  You’ll visit the press room, walk the exit tunnel, see their changing area, and even tour the VIP box.  It’s an interactive tour so it’s incredibly kid-friendly and a great value at less than 12 Euros.

Watch the Valencia Club de Futbol Take Home The Trophy

Official Website of Valencia CF

While you’re at the Mestalla Stadium taking a tour, stick around to watch the Valencia Club de Futbol play a game.   Feeling the atmosphere inside the stadium as the team plays Spain’s beloved sport is an irreplaceable experience and a wonderful thing to do when visiting Valencia with kids!

You can purchase official gear at the stadium and cheer for the team like a true local!  Soccer [or football or futbol] is indeed a seasonal sport so be sure to check their website for their game schedule.


Visit the Bullring of Valencia [Plaza del Toros de Valencia]

Plaza de Toros de Valencia Website

Note: I don’t condone animal cruelty.  I find bullfighting to be inhumane towards the animals and I choose not to support it with my family’s time or money.

That being said, Valencia is one of the most iconic cities when it comes to Spanish bullfighting.  In the heart of the city, you’ll find the Valencia bullfighting ring [Plaza del Toros de Valencia] that has real-life, modern-day bullfighting.  If actual bullfighting isn’t your thing, they also offer guided tours of the arena and there is even a bullfighting museum on site.

Learn to Make Paella – the National Dish of Spain

Little known fact but Valencia is home of paella, one of Spain’s most popular dishes.  So what better item to include in this list of things to do in Valencia with kids, than learning how to make your very own pan of paella?  There are plenty of family-friendly cooking classes in Valencia but Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valencia [School of Rice and Paella – Valencia] is an internet favorite.  They have a variety of workshops available and can even accommodate food allergies.

Albufera National Park [Parque Natural de la Albufera]

TripAdvisor Site for Albufera National Park

Speaking of paella, visit the place in Valencia where paella was invented: Albufera Natural Park.

Things to do in Valencia with kids - Albufera

Not only will you get an opportunity to experience the Valencian ecosystem up close [hello rice paddies!] but you can take boat rides, go on a guided tour, bike on a trail, or dine on traditional Valencian cuisine in the area.  Try to stay until sundown to catch a beautiful sunset.


Catch Some Rays at La Malvarrosa Beach [Playa De La Malvarrosa]

Visit Valencia: Malvarrosa Beach

If you’d like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, take some time to play in the sand at La Malvarrosa Beach.  It’s an urban beach just a few minutes from the old town area in Valencia and is the perfect place to enjoy a day in the Valencian sun.  There are eating options around the beach, towel and chair rentals available, and even the occasional festival.

Explore La Granja Park [Parc Municipal La Granja]

Granja Park Train Website

Have a kiddo that loves trains?  Then you’ll definitely want to visit La Granja Park in Valencia! Once a week you can ride one of their awesome trains through the park.  These are no ordinary kiddie trains either.  [Per their website] These are two steam locomotives [R-1 and R-2]  Roulus model with 020 taxiing, a Thermal locomotive (M-13) Simplicity taxiing model 020 [later converted to 030] and 10 passenger cars of 5 seats each, with reversible backrest wooden seats, built in the same park, forming the C-01 series to C-10.

No idea what any of that means?  Visit La Granja Park to find out!


Splash at Patacona Beach [Playa de la Patacona]

TripAdvisor Site for Patacona Beach

If you’re looking for a Valencian beach that’s child-friendly, clean, and safe then you must add Patacona Beach to your list of things to do in Valencia with kids.  Located north of Malvarosa Beach [another popular beach in Valencia], Patacona is less popular with the tourists.  That’s a good thing because it means smaller crowds, fewer pickpockets,  and more space for the kids to run around.  There are also quite a few family-friendly places to eat in the area making this a fun afternoon in Valencia.


Experience Modern Art at Centre del Carme

Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporania

The Centre del Carme is a converted monastery that is now home to some of the most contemporary and modern art in Valencia.  Some of the art is a little out there so it is an activity best suited for older kids.  However, younger kids will love the open courtyard in the center of the museum [the Gothic Cloister] with plenty of space to explore and stretch their legs.  As a bonus incentive, this interesting museum is absolutely free to visit and is a great option for those needing things to do in Valencia with kids on a budget.


Construct Masterpieces at the Lego Fun Factory

Aqua Multispace Lego Fun Factory Website

Play with thousands of legos in this uniquely designed play space in Valencia.  The Lego Fun Factory is located in the AquaMultiespacio Shopping Center.  It is split into two areas: the Lego Duplo and the Lego Classic.  The Lego Duplo area is for kids ages 1-4 and requires adult supervision.  The Lego Classic area is for kids ages 5-11 and provides supervised care via monitors.  Unfortunately [or fortunately for parents of smaller kiddos], older kids are not allowed in order to keep this space as “little kid” friendly as possible.

Here you’ll find legos [of course], video games, karaoke, a city construction site [made of legos of course],  and more.  The theme of the area changes every few months so it will always feel like a new play space.  The Lego Fun Factory in Valencia is open 7 days a week and is free to visit [YAY!].


Jump to Your Heart’s Content at Fun Jump Trampoline Park

Fun Jump Valencia Website

Valencia is a wonderful city filled with culture and history.  But sometimes you want to go someplace that’s just about the fun.  Fun Jump Trampoline Park more than fits the bill with more than 26,000 square feet [2500 square meters for my metric friends] of play space.  Battle it out above foam blocks, practice your parkour, play basketball, learn to rock climb, or just jump until you can’t jump anymore — there’s space for it all here.  Kids must be 4 years of age or older to jump but there is a play space for the younger kiddos too while they wait on their older siblings.

Take a free walking tour around the city

Free Tour Valencia

A free, kid-friendly walking tour of Valencia with a knowledgeable tour guide almost sounds too good to be true.  But luckily there are several groups that actually do provide kid-friendly tours of the city!  Free Tour Valencia offers quite a few options like an art tour and a generic tour that hits most of the tourist destinations.  These tours are indeed free of charge but gratuity is graciously appreciated.


Have you been to Valencia? Let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations on things to do in Valencia with kids!

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