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Spring Break Differently with Pack Up and Go

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Looking for unique spring break destinations for families? Read on to find out how Pack Up + Go helps plan fun spring break trips for families!

If you haven’t been able to tell from the name of the website, Spring Break is kind of a big deal around here.  We usually begin planning our annual trip almost a year ahead of time by brainstorming destinations, making sure our budget is in order, and curating the perfect itinerary.  It’s a labor of love but it is definitely labor.

This trip [and post] was sponsored by Pack Up + Go but all opinions are my own.

But this year, in the chaos of school stuff and relocation, our extensive spring break planning had to take a backseat.  In fact, we were seriously considering skipping Spring Break this year.

Unique Spring Break Destinations for Families

If only there was a way to plan a fun spring break trip for the family without all the work. Pack Up + Go to the rescue!

Then we remembered our experience with Pack Up + Go during the Fall of 2021 and realized this was the perfect opportunity to have a unique spring break destination for the family and Spring Break Differently!

What Is Pack Up + Go?

Pack Up + Go is a travel agency that creates a completely curated travel experience based on your preferences and interests.  Everything from travel arrangements to lodging to experiences is coordinated through them.  What makes the experience with them unique is that they also choose the destination.

Yep, you read that right.  Your family spring break destination is a complete surprise until the day of your departure!

Unique Spring Break Destinations for Families - Pack Up and Go

If you’re here reading this, chances are you’re a travel planner extraordinaire [or at least want to be] so I know placing that amount of trust in someone else can be daunting, to say the least.  We’ll deep dive into how the entire process works but first let’s chat about the pros of doing Spring Break with Pack Up + Go:

  • It’s easy! The most effort you’ll have in the process is putting as much helpful information as you can in your pre-trip survey.  No additional research is required.
  • Your budget is set! You tell Pack Up + Go how much you’d like to spend per person and they maximize the budget for you.  No worries about unexpected costs or overspending.  And with their Peace of Mind Refund Assurance, you don’t have to worry about expensive last-minute changes either.
  • Everyone can join from everywhere! If your family is like mine and has members coming from different destinations, Pack Up + Go makes all the coordination super easy.  This is perfect for bicoastal families, families with kids in college out of state, or those with extended family members that aren’t local.
Fun Spring Break Trip for families - Pack Up and Go Peace of Mind Assurance

How Does Pack Up + Go Work?

Planning spring break [or any surprise vacation ] with Pack Up + Go is as easy as three simple steps:

  1. Complete the Pre-Trip Survey.  This survey is your opportunity to let the brilliant Pack Up + Go planners know more about your travel habits, your interests, and your preferences.  This is the information they use to determine what destination your family may enjoy and make suggestions for your curated itinerary.  You’ll be able to specify where you’ve recently visited, places you plan to visit soon, places you’d just rather not go, and if you prefer warm or cold destinations.
  2. Show them the money! Tell Pack Up + Go how much you want to spend on the travel and accommodations and they’ll make sure everything stays within the budget you provided.  If there is money left over, they will book cool extras for you like scheduled tours, provide an Uber credit, etc.
  3. Get ready for adventure!  From there, the rest of the magic is taken care of by the Pack Up + Go Travel Planning Team.  They’ll provide all the information you need [like travel logistics, weather forecast, recommended packing lists, etc.] to literally pack up and go.

For more detailed steps on their special process works, check out the step-by-step guide on their website.

Fun Spring Break Trips for Families

Now that we’ve covered the basics, how does Pack Up + Go help plan unique spring break destinations for families?

Fun spring break trips for families - Pack Up and Go Confirmation

Here is some insight into the information we provided on our Pre-Trip Survey.

“Interests:  food markets, cafes + coffee shops, history museums, historic sites, public + street art, musical theater, plays, BIPOC-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, and family activities.”

“We are frequent travelers and are starting to miss the surprise or newness of travel.  We’d love to go somewhere we have not visited.  A list of destinations we have not been to as a family are: Phoenix, Seattle, California (with the exception of LA), Boston, Philadelphia, NYC, Utah, St. Louis, and Virginia.”

“Places not comfortable visiting: Deep South.”

Our Surprise Vacation for Spring Break 2023: Philadelphia, PA!

Things To Do in Philadelphia with Kids

Philadelphia, PA is one of the fun spring break trips for families that Pack Up + Go can plan for you!

Spring Break with Pack Up + Go

One Week Prior to Your Unique Spring Break Destination for Families

One week prior to your unique family spring break, you’ll receive an email with the basic information you’ll need for your trip.  It’ll include a weather forecast, a recommended packing list, and [if a plane trip] your departure times.

This is just foundational trip information to give you a head start on the “pack up” part of Pack Up + Go.

A Few Days Prior to Your Unique Spring Break Destination for Families

Two to three days before your departure date, you’ll receive a packet in the mail.  This is the real deal and will have everything you need to prepare for your unique family spring break trip.

The Day of Departure to Your Unique Spring Break Destination for Families

On the day of departure, head to the airport at the time they provided [via e-mail] and do your grand reveal by opening your packet.  Inside, you’ll find your destination [with all the specific travel information you’ll need] but also a ton of things to make the most of your fun family spring break.

unique spring break destination for our familyUnique_Spring_Break_Destination_Families - Pack Up and Go Packet

Here is a glimpse into what we received in our Pack Up + Go packet:

  • A personalized list of trip details
  • Curated recommendations with suggestions for how to spend the day in the city
  • A map of the neighborhoods we could explore
  • Transportation information with the best way to get around
  • Fun facts about the city
  • The best places for photo opportunities around the city
  • And more!

This is hands down one of the most unique family spring break destination trips we’ve ever taken and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. 

Click here to take your own fun family spring break destination trip with Pack Up + Go!

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